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For centuries, benedictine monks have published books. Dom Guéranger, the restorer of Solesmes, published extensively, in particular The Liturgical Year which was highly successful. Heir to this long history, the Éditions de Solesmes offers you today numerous works of spirituality.
Since 1833, the monks of Solesmes have published books on Gregorian chant and all things pertaining to it - such as the renowned Graduale for the pieces of the Mass - and founded the Paleography workshop. You will also find all the recordings made by the monks of Solesmes since 1930.

  • Le patrimoine de l’Abbaye de Solesmes

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  • De feriis et sanctis (ed. ConBrio)


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  • Ordo liturgique pour l'Office divin et la Messe selon le rit romano-monastique pour  l'abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes et les autres monastères de la congrégation de Solesmes o.s.