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For Men

staying on their own or in a group

Should you wish to make a retreat at Solesmes, you are invited to stay in the guesthouse within the monastic enclosure. Accommodations can be made for one to seven days, pending availability.

In the guesthouse you will be provided a single room (with sink), sheets and towels. Bathrooms are shared, and most meals are taken with the monks.

Guests are welcome to join our community in liturgical prayers throughout the day. Mass and offices are sung in Latin and Gregorian chant but prayer books offer French translations as well.

Enjoy reading, reflection and prayer in peace and silence. Participate in the monks' daily chores or simply walk in the surrounding vicinity if you wish. Spiritual direction and the sacrament of confession may also be requested.

The guesthouse has a library of mostly French books, a reading room, and a small garden. An oratory with the Blessed Sacrament is always open.

Our estimated cost for a single 24-hour stay (food and accommodation) is 40 euros. Should you be able to make a greater contribution, your generosity will serve to help those experiencing financial difficulties.