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  • dom Prosper Guéranger Solesmes


Solesmes is not the only place where the spiritual treasures forming our life can be found.

The monasteries of the Solesmes Congregation – with the Abbey of Sainte-Cécile de Solesmes holding pride of place – form an inner circle sharing this heritage with us. These abbeys share our ideal of Benedictine monastic life as understood and lived by Dom Guéranger.

A second circle comprises the monasteries of the Benedictine Confederation. Like us, they live according to the Rule of St Benedict, although sometimes quite differently to our own way of life.

Many laymen and women living in the world also find Saint-Pierre de Solesmes to be a point of reference and a place they love visiting to recharge their batteries. Les Amis de Solesmes association is a way for them to stay close to our abbey.