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  • Jean Bougler, Saints of Solesmes

Modern Era

From the Renaissance to the 18th Century

The priory of Solesmes flourished during the Renaissance. The office of prior was held by a succession of great figures. Supported by Michel Bureau, who was Abbot of La Couture from 1496 to 1518, they completely renewed the priory's spiritual life and discipline. Mention should be made of Jean Bougler, who was prior for half a century from 1505 to 1556. These priors completed our church, in particular the two large sets of statues in the church called the 'Saints of Solesmes'.

After Jean Bougler died, the monastery became a commendatory priory. Its superior was henceforth a layman who received part of the monastery's income without living there. Both its material prosperity and spiritual fervour waned. In 1664, however, the monastery was aggregated to the St Maur Congregation and a stricter monastic observance was resumed. In 1723, the Maurists constructed the building known as the priory.