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  • retraite femmes solesmes

For Women

staying on their own or in a group

For women and families, we have some small houses – each with several bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, etc. – in Solesmes village, very near the abbey. You will often be staying with other women who, like you, have come in search of silence and recollection. Sheets are provided for those who wish. Please bring everything you need to make your own meals in the kitchen available.

The most important part of any retreat is attending the monks' liturgical prayer several times a day in church. The only office not open to you is Vigils at 5.30 am. All of our prayer is sung in Latin and with Gregorian chant. Booklets containing translations are available at the church entrance.

The rest of your time is usually devoted to reading, reflection, personal prayer and walks in the surrounding area. If you wish to receive spiritual guidance from a monk or simply go to confession, please contact the guest master or porter at the monastery’s porter's lodge.

Retreatants choose how long they want their retreat to last. Nevertheless, it cannot last longer than a week.

Contributing to the cost of your stay is left to your discretion. We estimate that it costs €25 (€30 when the heating is turned on) per adult per day (€60 per family per day) to stay in one of our houses. Those who can give more enable us to welcome everyone who wants to make a retreat near our monastery.

All retreatants are asked to clean and tidy their room before leaving.