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The Abbey of Sainte-Cécile

The Abbey of Sainte-Cécile is a monastery of Benedictine nuns in Solesmes village, a few hundred yards from the Abbey of Saint-Pierre. You can attend the following offices:

Terce and Mass: 9.45 am

Sext: 12.45 pm

None: 1.45 pm

Vespers: 4.30 pm (5.00 pm on Thursdays)

The Abbey of Sainte-Cécile owns two small houses, each with three bedrooms and a kitchen, for retreatants. Guests can either make their own meals in their house or eat in the guests’ dining room at the Abbey of Sainte-Cécile.

The guest mistress can be contacted on the following number: 02 43 92 17 15

Young women aged 18-30 who want to discover monastic life can make a retreat that includes an introduction to the liturgy, lectio divina, Gregorian chant, etc. Please ring: 02 43 95 45 02 or write to: for details.