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Études Grégoriennes

Études Grégoriennes is an academic journal founded in 1954 by Dom Joseph Gajard, who was then Solesmes’ choir master. The purpose of this journal is to publish scientific studies on Gregorian chant and any other subject closely or remotely related to sung liturgical prayer : liturgy, palaeography, rhythm, modality, history and hagiography. The journal only looks at instrumental music and polyphony insofar as they relate to Gregorian melody.

Études Grégoriennes aims to help everyone with a serious interest in Gregorian chant (not simply chant performers or lovers) extend their knowledge of it. The journal is also a way for specialists to keep up with current Gregorian chant research.

Études Grégoriennes features core studies (articles or colloquia proceedings) and book reviews. Contributions come from all over the world and are written mainly in French, but also in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The journal is published once a year in autumn and runs to approximately 200 pages.