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For large groups

mixed and single-sex

We have a group of buildings called La Marbrerie at the foot of the abbey, beside the River Sarthe. It consists of two main bodies of rustic-style buildings – La Grande Marbrerie and Saint-Clément – which can be used together or separately, depending on the size of the group.

Each building has a large multi-purpose room (for meetings, meals, etc.), kitchen, dormitory, showers and bathrooms. La Grande Marbrerie has 42 beds (two dormitories), while Saint-Clément has an 18-bed dormitory and a room with two bunk beds (4 people).

La Marbrerie is usually the best place to accommodate groups of young people. Groups who want to stay here should bring their own food and make their own meals in the kitchens. They should also bring their own sleeping bags.

There are two recreation (games) areas.

Groups are welcome at the monastic offices and Eucharist. If they wish to celebrate Mass at another time, they may use the parish church subject to the parish priest's agreement.