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July 2015

July 2015

The heat this month didn't discourage our numerous guests from coming to visit, sometimes from very far away: Father Grégoire Cador from Cameroon, Monsignor René Dupont from Korea, or, closer to home, Monsignor Eric Aumônier of Versailles.

We celebrated Saint Benedict with joy on 11 July, the anniversary of the restoration of monastic life in Solesmes, commemorating as we do the event with a procession from the parish church to the abbey church, carrying the relic of Our Blessed Father.

Father Abbot, as is his annual custom, visited our Lithuanian priory of Palendriai for two weeks. He found the community in good shape and several young monks in formation in the noviciate.

At the end of the month, our younger brothers who are currently in theological formation enjoyed their summer vacation by visiting the castle of Plessis-Bourré in Anjou: a much appreciated, mid-summer relaxation.