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Billet du 29/06/2015

Welcome to this new website for the community of Solesmes, which provides a fresh presentation of our monastic life. Successive popes have repeatedly appealed to consecrated religious not to eschew modern means of communication for bringing people to know Christ. This website is our response to their appeal.

Monastic life is always of contemporary relevance – both for the Church and the world – as a source of grace for everyone. Through our life of prayer, work and seclusion, we strive to become holy ourselves and guide people's hearts to God.

I hope that your visit to our website, in this year that the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has specially dedicated to consecrated life in the Church, will help you discover, understand and love our life, which is devoted to seeking “the one thing necessary” (Lk 10:42).

+ Abbot Philippe Dupont