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Everyday Prayers

Dom Delatte’s Act of Faith

O Eternal Trinity, one God, I believe with a firm and simple faith whatever Thy Church professes, for it is Thyself, supreme Truth and Wisdom, Who hath taught her.

Dom Delatte’s Act of Hope

O Eternal Trinity, one God, I hope with a secure confidence, relying on the merits of Jesus Christ Our Lord, for glory with Thee in The life to come and the help of Thy grace in this one, because Thou, o supreme Fidelity and Sanctity, hath promised them.

Dom Delatte’s Act of Charity

O Eternal Trinity, one God, with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, I love and adore Thee, and I love my neighbor as myself for Thee. I cleave totally to Thee, for Thou art good; and because of Thy infinite perfection and beauty infinitely worthy to be loved.

Dom Delatte’s Act of Contrition

Eternal Trinity, one God, I deplore from the depths of my heart that, by my sins, I have offended Thy supreme Goodness and Beauty; and for the future I propose humbly and firmly, by the grace of Jesus Christ, to correct myself of my faults and to do penance for them.

Dom Delatte’s Prayer ‘O Tenderness’

O Tenderness, O Beauty, O Purity, who are God, my God, I know that the supernatural life is being with Thee, but it is to be perfectly with Thee that I thirst. If Thou wished it, my God, the flimsy weft of this present life would snap like a thin thread at a movement of Thy fingers, in an act of charity towards Thee, and I should be with Thee who art life for all eternity!

For the Holy Church

(Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, 4th Friday of Advent)

O Jesus! It is Thou that hast inspired our mother with this wonderful love: it is Thou that consolest us, and enlightenest us, by her. Come to her and visit her; come, and, by the new birth Thou are about to take among us, renew her life within her. Give her, during this year also, firmness of faith, the grace of the Sacraments, the efficacy of prayer, the gifts of miracles, the succession of her hierarchy, power of government, fortitude against the princes of the world, love of the cross, victory over Satan, and the crown of martyrdom. During this new year make her, as ever, Thy beautiful bride; make her faithful to Thy love, and more than ever successful in the great work Thou hast entrusted to her; for each year brings us nearer to the day when Thou wilt come for the last time, not in the swathing bands of infancy, but on a cloud with great majesty, to render Thy rebuke with flames of fire, and destroy those that have despised or have not loved Thy Church, which Thou wilt then raise up and admit into Thy eternal kingdom.

Come, Lord Jesus, I offer you my heart!

(Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, Lent)

What, O God of heaven and earth, my Jesus, the long expected Messias! what else can I do, at this solemn moment, but adore Thee in silence, as my sovereign Master, and open my whole heart, as to its dearest? Come then, O Lord Jesus, come! The substances of both bread and wine have ceased to exist; the species alone are left, veiling, as it were, the Body and Blood of our Redeemer, lest fear should keep us from a mystery, which God gives us for the very purpose of infusing confidence into our hearts.

Prayer to Christ in the Tomb

(Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, Passiontide and Holy Week)

We adore Thee, O holy Soul of our Redeemer, for having deigned to pass these hours with Thy saints, our fathers, in the heart of the earth. We extol Thy goodness and love shown towards these Thy elect, whom Thou hast made to be Thine own brethren. We give Thee thanks for that Thou didst humble our enemy: oh, give us grace to conquer him! But now, dearest Jesus, it is time for Thee to rise from Thy tomb, and reunite Thy Soul to Thy Body. Heaven and earth await Thy Resurrection: the Church, Thy bride, has already sung the Alleluia of her glad expectation: rise, then, from Thy grave, O Jesus, our Life! Triumph over death, and reign our King for ever!